Bovada Casino

Bovada Casino

Bovada Casino might be a familiar name to you, but if you have yet to visit the site, it might make sense to learn more about it before you do. You can get plenty of answers to the questions you're bound to have here. Our experts have gone through the site to find the facts and features you're eager to know more about.

Who supplies the software?

An excellent question to begin with, and we can answer this by offering names such as Rival and Woohoo Games. You'll also find proprietary slot games there, so you're going to see some that may not appear elsewhere. This makes Bovada worth considering if you're thinking about signing up to a casino.

Checking out the lobby

We always think you can tell a lot about a casino simply by looking at the lobby. Each category at Bovada has its own simple logo. You'll get a 777 logo for the slots, while the table games area has a simplified roulette wheel. There are separate categories for blackjack, new games, and your own games too.

The red button lets you join the casino

Or at least it allows you to reach the page where you can sign up if you're ready to do so. Find this at the top of the site, displayed over on the right.

Can everyone sign up as a player for Bovada Casino?

No, although since most casinos have limitations, this answer doesn't come as a surprise. In many cases, players from locations that are not permitted to sign up to Bovada will find their access blocked. Those in Australia and Canada cannot use the site, and it seems to be unavailable for many in Europe as well. Check the terms and conditions for further information, along with the laws where you live.

Bovada offers plenty of varied games to play

This is one of the highlights of being part of the Bovada website. You can play games from several developers, as we know, along with the proprietary games. You'll find you get a bigger range because of this latter aspect.

Slots to suit all moods and requirements

With so many possibilities in the slot game area, you're always going to find a game to suit your mood at any time. They tend to offer a variety of bets as well, so you're able to spot penny slots and those with much higher minimum bets along the way.

Free games do regularly appear as well

Yes, if you want to try something before you do anything else, it can be a sensible approach to take. We experimented with a few and found practice versions available. That said, they do have over 200 slots alone, never mind the other game types. This means we can't assure you of finding a demo for everything. You'll have a great time exploring though!

How pricey are the paid games at Bovada?

It depends which ones you choose. Hence why we like to experiment with a demo first if we can. However, we did notice that many of the slots and other games offer a coin range. It's unusual to find any game with just a single coin value to go with. You can check on this before committing to a slot or game with a bet though.

How often do new slot games arrive at Bovada?

It depends on the release date, but we found several newly released games there on our recent trip to the site. You may well find the same. Remember that they do have a section just for these games, so you won't need to spend ages sorting through everything to find something new.

Promotions appear in the lobby area

What better place to put them? If you are visiting for the first time, check the latest offer for newcomers to the site. Once you've signed up and claimed your welcome offer, you'll be able to consider all their other bonuses. They do seem to take care of their players by offering a range of impressive offers through time. The welcome pack includes $3,000 in bonus funds for those making the most of the offer.

Tournaments do appear at Bovada

You should look for their leaderboards though, instead of trying to find the tournaments. The unusual thing about these is the short nature of each one. Would you believe they tend to last for just 10 minutes? This makes them ideal for players who might miss out when competing in longer tourneys, as they may not have enough time to compete properly.

Casino winners didn't show up anywhere

They're well hidden away on the site if they are there because we failed to find any. This might appeal if you'd rather keep a potential big win quiet though!

Can you begin earning rewards when you play for real?

Yes, you can pick up points whenever you place any real bets on the site. You'll notice there are varied quantities awarded depending on where you make your bets. They have more than just the casino to visit, as you'll soon see. However, they do give lots of information about this, so make sure you read more about it on the relevant page.

Mobile and app information

Firstly, no app is required, which does mean life is much easier if you regularly use a smartphone or tablet. Secondly, your usual login is fine to use when you visit Bovada using a mobile browser.

Do you need to register to be able to play?

It looks like you can try some games before deciding whether Bovada ticks all the available boxes that matter most to you. However, if you like what you see there and you'd prefer to make some real wagers, you will need to create an account and deposit something before you can go ahead.

Is this an instant play casino?

Yes, you don't need to bother with any downloads if you decide to join Bovada. Their site is fast and efficient to load too.

Affiliate information provided

Few players might consider becoming part of the Bovada affiliate program. However, if you're one of the people who might be interested, they do have a page devoted to letting you know more about it.

Sporting services, betting, and bookies: Do they appear at Bovada?

Yes, they do, which means you can bet on your favorite sports alongside playing casino games. They have a racebook area for horse racing fans, along with the sportsbook if that is more your thing.

Do they provide blog or forum services?

It doesn't appear so, no.

Live dealer games get their own section

This makes it easier because you can be sure of looking around there for live games. You can also ignore it completely if you're not keen on trying these live


Making deposits at Bovada Casino

If you're keen to get underway with a deposit, check the cashier for the latest options to choose from. Bitcoin is advertised heavily at Bovada, so you must think about whether that might be the best option for you. The opening offers do feature generous deals for those choosing Bitcoin, so we would advise you to try the promo area for further information first.

Is it easy to withdraw funds?

Bovada offers further information on this, and we recommend you read this first. In some cases, you may need to withdraw to the same method you used for your deposit. The cashier reveals further details.

Bitcoin goes well with Bovada

It does, and that's why many players choose to use it when they join the casino.

Help comes easily at the site

Check out the help center, as this is likely to have all the answers you could ever want. They do have contact methods available there as well, so if you ever find yourself struggling for an answer, you can always get in touch.