Want to know about the three types of online slot machine games?

Hunting Treasures Slots

If you enter the online casino sites: Silver Oak Casino, Royal Ace Casino, Club USA Casino you will find various types of online slot machine games. You must be well aware that the slot machine was invented in the year 1895 by Charles Fey and from that time onwards this popular sport is rocking the casinos. And now internet is popularizing this game through online casinos. In online casinos you will find 3 reel slots and apart from that more than 50 betline slots. Still jackpot slots are popular and a centre of attraction of all online casino players.

As you know people who visit online casinos are rapidly increasing day by day. Especially, increase in online jackpot slots is more. When more people play the jackpot, the jackpot amount also increases accordingly. Progressive jackpot is one of the entertaining, exciting and seductive games that has higher payoff. Since the progressive slot machines are networked, the amount of each wager increases the jackpot which is higher than any other single slot game.

And to surprise and shock there are some progressive slots with bigger jackpot. You may not be in a position to digest if you come to know what this 'huge' amount means. Some the jackpot even touches $1 million and more than that. This jackpot amount increases as and when a new player joins the game. Progressive slots are like winning a lottery and the game may turn in your favor if you are lucky enough. Progressive jackpots winners have become milliners in a single game.

Set prize jackpots

Here the amount does not change as it happens in online progressive jackpot. But the major advantage of set prize jackpot is that you have bright chances to win. The amount in set prize jackpot are most probably less than a million euros, still this game looks realistic as you have the edge to grab the prize amount. Most of the set prize jackpots are won by matching 5 symbols up on the active beltline. The final type is the one where you need to claim the bonus game mode to spin the jackpot wheel. For example to enter the bonus round you need to hit three frogs on active beltline. The wheel you spin will land in any of the three jackpot amount. Visit various online casino sites and memorize rules, strategies etc. before choosing the particular game. No doubt slot machine games do not allow you to quit the game, as this online casino game is claimed to be the most enthusiastic game by many gamblers. Still if you would like to enjoy the game you need to be familiar with rules and regulations.