Liberty Slots Casino

It's not a huge shock to find the Statue of Liberty staring back at you when you land on the Liberty Slots Casino website. And since this is a casino, it's not a shock to realize it is about way more than just slots too. We decided to spend some time there recently, and we've created this full in-depth casino review to give you more information to go on before you sign up.

Software details to start off with

When you load a slot game at Liberty Slots Casino, you'll see one of two names staring back at you (or both). The first is Wager Gaming and the second is Dragon Gaming.

No delays in reaching the lobby

When you arrive on the homepage, you'll see the menu is over on the left side of the site. This contains the main gaming areas; there are other links spread across the top of the site, as you'd usually expect. So, finding the lobby doesn't take any more effort, since it is there from the second you arrive.

Join the casino by finding the red signup link

It's at the top of the site on every page, over on the right, so you just need to select that to begin the process. The great thing about this is that they do not clutter the page, preferring instead to go through four steps which are clearly displayed above each section.

Signup restrictions enforced at Liberty Slots Casino

Right at the top of the terms of use page, we learn that the minimum age to play at the casino is 21. However, you must check that your location does not have a higher age limit; if it does, that's the relevant age you must meet. You also need to be sure your location allows online gambling.

Furthermore, when you go to create an account at the site, you'll see you need to choose your country from the dropdown list. The United States and Australia appear as quick options at the top of this list. However, as always, you must check whether you can legally play before trusting any appearance of any country on that list.

Games appearing in the menu

The lobby menu to the left of the site gives us a clear set of categories to explore. We can access the three-reel slots or the video slots (ones with five reels, typically). Below those, we have video poker, blackjack, table games, and a final category for progressive games.

Is one category of slots better than the other?

The video slots area has more slots available than the three-reel one, but this is quite common. Furthermore, you can see whether you prefer one format over the other by looking through the available titles.

Free games: Free and simple to reach

We discovered through trial and error that the free games tend to be those that do not have a progressive jackpot attached to them. We could not access a demo for anything carrying a progressive jackpot. That said, most of the available games don't have this jackpot, so it means you've got plenty of titles to explore as demo versions.

How much does it cost to play the paid games?

Obviously, it depends on the specific game you're looking at. Liberty Slots does have a lot of the popular penny slots available, which is great to know. It also has other games with far higher wagers, including a few with a fixed bet per spin. Fortunately, you can find out the available coin values for every title before committing to even a single spin. This holds true even for the real slots with no available demo.

How easy is it to spot some new slot games?

If we tell you that there is no section for new games, you might think it's going to be tricky to find them. However, you'll realize that they all get NEW sashes across the corner of their game image. This means you'll find them no matter which part of the site you spot them in.

Scroll to see the promotions at the foot of the menu

It takes a bit of scrolling to get there, but once you're there, you can select the megaphone and promotions wording to reach that page. You'll see all kinds of things on that page, and we noticed there can be regular changes too. Make this your first spot to visit when you arrive at Liberty Slots. Curiously, we spotted the welcome bonus on the homepage rather than the promo area, so you can see that when you arrive at the site.

There are tournaments to access from the menu as well

Appearing just above the promotions, you can head to that area and see what you think about them. You'll get the full list when you arrive, but you can narrow the scope to show only those you're most interested in. You'll see various filters and logos for certain elements of the tournaments too, so familiarize yourself with those.

Find some casino winners on the homepage

You'll see them right at the top of the page. You get the first name and last initial, along with the amount won on the specific game. It's great to see some people doing well, although of course, you know that it can be long odds to manage the same thing.

Make a deposit and begin earning rewards

We love the rewards program at Liberty Slots because everyone can participate once they deposit for the first time. You must make a $25 deposit to trigger your membership. They also offer bonus credits for making certain deposits on specific days, so you might want to check on that when you reach the Liberty Rewards page via the promo area.

Do you need an app to play on a mobile device?

No - the mobile site is designed to do everything for you, appearing in the best possible way to make sure you can use it with ease.

Do they allow you to play without registration?

Yes, this is one of the perks of visiting Liberty Slots Casino. Try whichever games you wish… except for those progressive jackpot games, as we mentioned earlier.

Instant play makes sense at Liberty Slots

We've noticed more casinos heading down this route. Liberty Slots has been beautifully designed, with user-friendly features and plenty to read. You'll be glad there is no need for a download.

How to find information about their affiliate program

Lots of casinos offer a link to this detail at the foot of their site. However, we failed to find such a link there at Liberty Slots. Upon digging into the help pages, though, we found that a common question related to this topic. This gave a link to the Slots Vendor website, which handles their program for them.

No sporting features to look for

The site doesn't have anything other than casino games for you to play, so you

won't find any bookies, sportsbooks, or racebooks anywhere.

Blog/forum facilities

We can keep this part of our review super-short, as there is nothing of this nature at the casino.

What about finding some live dealer games?

These do not appear at the casino, so you're limited to the usual mix of games that do not require live dealers.

Depositing money at Liberty Slots Casino

Twelve methods appear on the banking page, of which 10 can be used for depositing. These cover cards, wallets, and virtual currencies.

Six ways of making a withdrawal

Check the banking page to determine which methods are fine for withdrawing. There are six in all, with some overlap between depositing.

Bitcoin is ideal for both

Deposit using this cryptocurrency and withdraw the same way, with no fees involved. The withdrawal time is given as 48 hours.

Help provided at Liberty Slots Casino

You can reach the help/FAQ section from the top and bottom of the site. They do have live chat as well, which is in the bottom right corner of your screen on every page. You can also send them an email if you wish, but live chat should be far quicker.