7 Oceans Slots

It’s hard to believe how much of the world is water… and how little we know about what lies beneath those waves. This is the idea behind the 7 Oceans slot game we are going to review for you here. If you like the sound of it so far, you may have a few surprises as you read through each area of our in-depth review… or should that be in the deep?

Revealing the developer name

We are in the reliable hands of Microgaming here, swimming through the elements involved in this water-going slot.

Delving into the demo game

You should find you can take a practice spin of this game, if you can find it at a casino offering Microgaming titles. You may need to create an account to play, although this varies depending on the casino.

A oceanic theme in force

You had figured that out from the title alone, we’re sure.

A basic yet colorful design in action here

The game does look basic as it is one of the older titles in the Microgaming collection. However, it still catches your attention, giving you clear if dated graphics. You can also see fish, a sunken treasure chest, and lots of coins and jewelry spilling out of it.

How to play the 7 Oceans slot game

This is a simple enough game to play, especially as it only has three reels in action. You have everything you need on one page too. You won’t find any wilds or scatters swimming around here though. This is a basic game with only regular symbols involved – no jackpots available either, not of the progressive sort, anyway.

How many lines can you play?

Just the one, and you can see this runs across the center of the reels with the line joining them to show you where it is.

Choose your bets

Coins run from one cent up to five dollars each, and you have the chance to play between one and three of them per go. You stand a better chance of triggering prizes by playing three coins though, as this accesses another section of the paytable for other prizes to appear. You can always play a small coin times three to get this option, rather than playing one larger coin.

A bright paytable

This sits to the right of the reels. You can see three panels, one for each coin you play, so you can work out the available prizes for each bet. You’ll see the third coin at the top, showing you what you might get in prizes if you found some of the better results.

No bonus in 7 Oceans

You might already have worked that out.

No free spins in action here either

This is as basic a slot as you can get.

RTP information

The details we’ve found suggest that it could sit at around 97%.

Our rating for the 7 Oceans slot game

If you want a basic slot to try for a while that doesn’t overcomplicate things, this is worth checking out. It doesn’t rank above a 6/10 game, but then there isn’t much to warrant a higher score.

Three logos get the biggest prize for a three-coin bet

You’ll see it is worth betting three coins if you intend to play this game. This would bring you the 4,000x top prize if you managed to get three logos on the line. The logo looks like an orangey-red 7 with the word OCEANS over the top of it, so it still looks quite appealing.

Take a practice spin first

You can try this game with a few spins to see how it all works. It shouldn’t take long to get the idea.

Will you bet three coins on the real thing?

If you’re going to play 7 Oceans slots, we suggest doing so with a three-coin wager in mind. This is the ideal way to make sure you’ve got the chance to access the bigger prizes if you’re going to play. You still have a chance to net the smaller ones too – it merely increases the scope of the game.

Will you find the game in mobile casinos?

Check whenever you see Microgaming slots available at a casino. 7 Oceans has been around for a while, so it may not be the first thing you see on mobile screens.