Sea Treasures Slots

Sea Treasures can be anywhere, from shallow waters to the deepest blue seas. We aim to find out what's hiding in the Sea Treasures slot game by exploring the game of that name, with the results revealed to you in the below review. Get ready for the deep blue destination in store…

The Sea Treasures reels and paylines

You can expect five reels to appear in this slot, along with 10 lines. That might be fewer than you expected, but it makes the wagers more accessible.

What about the betting options?

There are several available options, and with those 10 lines to cover, lots of players ought to find something suitable. Go through the amounts before playing to see what suits you most.

Anchors and shells abound…

At least, you'll hope so, as the anchor is a wild symbol, and the shell is a bonus symbol. Those are the most important symbols to search for.

Can you swim toward any bonus features in Sea Treasures?

You can, but you'll need three or more pearl shell bonus symbols to get them. These produce five free games, but there's something else to check first. You can open each shell in the triggering combo. Two pearls inside a shell will give you another spin in each case. If a shell provides you with three pearls, an extra two spins get added to the ones you started with. Bonus shells found inside the free games will produce further free spins to play too.

When playing the free games, the final reel might contain gold, silver, or bronze treasure chests. Each chest includes a multiplier, which could reach a maximum of 15x in value.

Sea Treasures contains far more than you might expect

It was all looking good until we reached the free spin feature, at which point things got even more exciting. That's a great sign, and one that might inspire you to play for some Sea Treasures of your own today. You should be able to try a demo of the slot first too, which means you can see what you make of the title before sorting out a budget to play it.