Blue Lagoon Slots

A blue lagoon sounds like a cool place to swim, but there's no need to dip your toes in anywhere with this game. Wager Gaming delivers the Blue Lagoon slot with an unusual format, so let's see what it can offer if you choose to try it.

It looks more basic than many modern slots, which reveals everything you should know about its age. Yes, it's been around for a bit, but if you love simplified slot games, this could be one to check out.

How many reels and paylines should you expect?

This is a small game, going for just three reels and a single line to bet on.

Betting options might be familiar

Plenty of Wager Gaming titles provide players with coins ranging from a cent to $10, and that is true here as well. However, you can also choose to wager between one and five of your chosen coins on the line.

Should you search for any special icons in Blue Lagoon?

No - there are no wild surprises in this slot, nor are there any scatters. You will see starfish and seahorses among the options, along with a shell. However, it is the shell you must find as it is the only one that provides any payouts.

Does this mean bonus rounds are out of bounds?

It does, yes - the only thing you need to do is to choose your wager for each game, spin the reels, and see whether you can find a prize connected to the shells. That's the limit of the action in the Blue Lagoon slot.

Get set to play the Blue Lagoon slot whenever you're ready

You know how simple this game is, and the symbol you must look for whenever you want to find a prize. However, this level of basic play will appeal to some players, especially those who like such approaches and who wish to have a change from the usual complex slots found elsewhere. Blue Lagoon nails all that with ease, so check it out and see whether you can get some promising results on the reels. Who knows how many shells you might reel in?