Mermaid's Pearl Slots

Mermaid's Pearl Slots
Sometimes the same boring spinning of the same old classical slot machines with their typical assortment of tiring numbers and symbols makes the realization of time creeping by a reality. While a dose of nostalgia never hurt anyone, sometimes the classics can weigh down a gambler's soul, but there's a solution. Lucky enough the internet is chock-full of themed slot machines that give the old game a new breath of life. Mermaid's Pearls Slots is one of those slots games. With respect to its name, this game entices the underwater world a vibrant blue theme (bubbles included!), symbols like sea turtles, mermaids, fish, treasure chests, and a colorful assortment of numbers and letters. Designed in a familiar 5 reel 20 pay line format, players will fight their way through virtual waves to claim the sunken treasure chest jackpot of 7500 coins!

Oh, Wild Mermaids

The wild symbol in Mermaid's Pearls Slots is the mermaid icon. The mermaid icons double any winning spin that it helps to complete! The scatter symbol is represented by the treasure chest

Bonus Features

A special Free Spin mode is available for players to earn extra spin that don't cost coins. By spinning 1-3 treasure chest icons, player scan earn 40, 50, or 60 free spins respectively.

Nervous to start placing your bets down? Mermaid's Pearls Slots offers a free to play mode allowing players to get used to the game.

In the base game (not free spins mode) once completing an actual win, try the Gamble feature for an increased potential to find the big win!

Dive Deep into the Blue

Few games can provide both a solid slot game and a hefty jackpot as well as feature rich game play to boot! With great vibrant colors and a themed background as well as matching icons, the eyes of the player will finally feel at rest. The 7500 coin jackpot is mere sprinkles on the ice cream cone, as Mermaid's Pearls Slots offers great features to keep you winning across up to 60 free spins. A truly solid slots game that doesn't overly confuse or burden the play, while some may deem mermaids childish; this game brings them to life in a soft and fun sort of way.

Is it time now? To dive from your ship down to the blue to swim with fish, turtles, and mermaids? Is it time to find sunken chests with coins or even better to find a jackpot of 7500 coins buried beneath the waves? Mermaid's Pearl Slots is a breath of fresh sea foam air in a cramped model of slots games.