Coral Reef Slots

A coral reef is a thing of beauty, so it's no surprise to discover that Wager Gaming has been inspired to base a slot game on one. Let's begin this review of the Coral Reef slot, ready to provide you with all the facts you should know prior to spinning those reels.

The smallest payline and reel collection

Well, we know there are one-reel slots available now, but this game includes three reels, providing room for just one line spread across them.

Betting options to think about before you play Coral Reef slots

With only one line in action, this should be a cheaper game to play. Wager Gaming delivers their familiar collection of coins, going from a penny to $10, and offering up to four coins to place on the line.

Special icons won't crop up in Coral Reel

Given the size of the game, there isn't room for them. However, there are two icons - the red seven and the game logo - that can produce prizes if they appear diagonally across the reels. This is possible because the game provides big enough reels to show the icons landing above and below the marked line.

A lack of special icons also leads to a lack of bonuses

You might have guessed this would happen though, especially since the game offers three large reels and one line - a typical format for doing away with other features. However, if you approach this as a basic game, which you will when you see the game screen, there's nothing to be disappointed about.

Search for some winning icons in the Coral Reef online slot today

Wager Gaming has produced many three-reel slots in recent years, and Coral Reef is one of their earlier efforts. However, you can see how it differs from the usual games of this type, in that it has far fewer regular symbols such as those famous cherries involved.

So, if you want to head for the water and to see a charming slot based around that topic, the Coral Reef game certainly looks worth it. There is plenty to enjoy when you play, so start searching for some winning lines today.