Luxury Liners Slots

Welcome aboard! It's time to settle in and read the information in our Luxury Liners online slot review, which looks at the game from Wager Gaming to determine whether it might be worth playing. It's been around for a while now, so it has many nautical miles under its belt. Could it gain some more by reeling you in as a player too?

Keeping things small with the reels and payline format

Yes, we said payline and not paylines, so there is only a single line here, along with three reels to spin. These are shown above the logo for the game, which takes up almost as much space as the reels themselves.

Is this an affordable game to bet on?

Luxury liners are usually pricey, but this game starts from just 10 cents per go. The slot provides other coins too, ranging up to $10 each. Wager Gaming has also added the facility to place up to three coins on the line.

Keeping things basic: The icons in Luxury Liners

There is nothing along the lines of a wild or scatter here, so you won't be searching for any special combos to score prizes with. The best you can get is a single icon bearing some cherries, as one of those will garner a prize.

You can guess there are no bonuses to be had in Luxury Liners

Everything about this slot game is basic, from the liner-based logo to the paytable and the icons you will find on it. This means there are no chances to find any free games or even a wild, as nothing like it appears in the game.

Will you set sail with a few spins for the Luxury Liners slot?

The game gives you everything you need on one page, with the paytable sitting next to the reels and title logo. You even get slot machine-style icons underneath the reels to depict the controls, so it's easy for you to work out what to look for. Play Luxury Liners today and see whether it makes for a simpler and more relaxed slot to help you pass the time between more complex ones. You might like it as an alternative.