Video Slots

Video Slots is another name for mainly the 5 reel slots games. Although 3 reels slots are sometimes animated and with video pictures and additional screens, the term video slot is mainly reserved for 5 and 7 reel slots where the reels spin using a random number generator and of course there are additional screens with extra bonus trails and so on.

Video Slots is all Thanks to Technological Advances

The advent of the video slots has a lot more to do with computerization than people give it credit for. With the introduction of slots to the internet in the late 1980’s developers began finding better and more efficient ways of adapting their video games for the home screen, the result being the video slots. Video slots are basically slots which can have unlimited numbers of paylines and reels with numerous prizes and of course the ability to go to different screens to give more action and prize winning potential. Today most of the video slots games are 5 reels although some adventurous casinos offer 7 reels. Paylines can range from 9 up to 50 and occasionally you can find even more but it is not recommended as you end up spending all your bankroll on the first spin when you place a maximum bet. Symbols vary greatly from video slot to video slot but one thing is common amongst all of them, there are loads and loads of them and no limit to how many that can be added to a game.

Read the Rules and Play to Win

When playing video slots it is best to study the winning lines before you place your bets. If possible choose the play for fun option first so that you can get used to the game and how it works. Be aware that with most video slots games, it is best to place the maximum coin bet on all of the paylines so that you are eligible for the maximum payouts if you land a winning line. Coin sizes are very low and can be as little as $0.01 so you don’t need to worry about using all your bankroll in the first spin but it is a good idea to balance your books so to speak and spread your bets.

Random Wins with Video Slots; It’s All about Luck

Thanks to the random number generator when playing video slots, each spin is totally random. The computer will show you if you have landed a winning line and will also calculate your win according to the size of your bet on that line. For bonus games and free spins and multipliers which are a favorite amongst the video slots games, the details are very clear and easy to understand in the winning tables but it is still a good idea to refer back to them every so often so that your memory is refreshed. Always look out for the wild cards and scatters which automatically add to your game and winnings. Video slots may seem a little more daunting than the traditional 3 reel slots but they also give a lot more. Video slots all have themes, tell a story and entertain you apart from the obvious pleasure of playing the game. So sit back and enjoy your video slots and if you are confident enough, us the auto play option and let the computer do the clicking and spinning for you.