Progressive Slots

For some progressive slots are much more exciting and thrilling than regular slots, offering the chance to win enormous jackpots that are constantly increasing, and the more players that there are.

When it comes to online slots, there are basically two types of slots, progressive and regular slots. Within the regular and progressive slots there can be 3 reel or 5 reel slots. Basically a progressive slots game is played as a regular game but with the added bonus of there being a progressive jackpot at the end of the game or during it which you are aiming for. The progressive jackpot grows as the number of players who play that slots game increases. In other words it is made up of a portion of the money that is bet on the game and therefore the more players that there are, the greater the jackpot is.

There are two main types of progressive jackpots, the ones that are paid out at the end of a long haul i.e. when you have to reach certain goals and others which are totally random. The first type; at the end of a long haul tend to pay out larger amounts whereas the random jackpots although still great amounts of money are slightly lower. Whichever you choose to play, remember that you are only eligible for the progressive jackpot if you have placed a bet with the maximum coins. Even if your coin denomination is low, you still need to place maximum bets in order to be eligible for the progressive jackpots. Make sure you balance your bankroll when playing progressive slots games so that you can always place maximum coin bets.

When playing Progressive slots, you are not just playing for the big jackpot, along the way there are also plenty of ways to win. But, on average because of the larger progressive jackpots, you will notice that there are lower payouts in the initial stages but this is most definitely made up for by the large progressive jackpots that are on offer. Another thing to note and remember is that progressive jackpots cannot be played for fun, i.e. you can only place real money bets. You need to make sure that you know and understand the rules of the game before you place your bets as you only have the one chance! Apart from that, progressive slots jackpots are a great way to enjoy slots games and have the chance to become a millionaire with very little input from your side!

Best Progressive Slot Machines in Las Vegas

As engaging as slot machines are - generally speaking, of course - in the online casino gaming space, they are not all created equal. After all, how else would you explain the wild popularity of the progressive slot when compared to the run of the mill Classic? The casino makers at the world-famous Las Vegas establishments know this all too well, which is why you'd find massive Progressive Slot Machines in Las Vegas at places such as the Bellagio, Bally, Aria, Harrah's and the Borgata. It is only sensible that many of these games have easily translated to the online arena, where you can play a strikingly similar facsimile of them right from the comfort of your favorite chair in the living room. Even better, given the plenitude of mobile devices these days, you can also play them while you're on the go or waiting in a long line for a government service or other.

For a short rundown of the Best Progressive Slots to play in Vegas, let us consider one of the kings of them all in Wheel of Fortune $1 Progressive Slot, which regularly plays at the Bellagio, and can be found at your favorite online gaming casinos. At any given point in time, the total tally from this slot can be as high as $1,151,543 - that's well over a cool million dollars! It regularly hits numbers this high and higher, since the size of the pot is dependent on how many people play it for real money, and it grows until someone hits it, or it reaches the casino-mandated cap.

As for the game play of Wheel of Fortune slots, it clearly is based on the world-renowned game show that stars the eternal Vanna White and the effervescent Pat Sajak; they've been at it for decades now, and are still going strong - as such, they are probably deserving of a progressive slot machine in Las Vegas and online. And in the previous, you've probably already figured out a reason for the huge popularity that Wheel of Fortune Slots enjoys - after all, it's already a name brand show watched by literally tens of millions - if not hundreds of millions - of people when it airs regularly on weekdays. The ratings have kept pace with and surpassed any other show that has tried to replace it at the 7pm slot in the United States for over 3 decades.

IGT has really outdone itself with their true-to-life Las Vegas Progressive Slot in Wheel of Fortune Slots. It is a compact game, with 5 reels and 5 paylines that includes a spate of bonus games within, which come in the feature games that the Scatter symbol can unlock. For real money players, you can wager up to 9 coins on the 5 paylines, in increments of 1 coin. The max jackpot is a whopping 50,000 coins, such that the actual monetary value is dependent on the coin denomination you chose as well as the number of coins. The payouts can only happen in one direction - left to right. The wild symbol is assumed by the logo that reads "WILD". It can substitute in for any other symbol except for the Bonus Jackpot and the Wheel Bonus - which are thus scatter equivalents

Out of the all the symbols, there are a few that pay very well when they appear on the reels. The first one is the beach symbol; five of a kind gets you 1200 coins. Four beach symbols on the reels gets you 400 coins, and three beach icons are worth 80 coins. The carnival cruise ship symbol is next, and five of a kind on the reels gets you 1000 coins. Four carnival cruise ships gets you 325 coins, and three carnival cruise ship symbols are worth 65 coins. The diamond ring that Vanna White wears is another high paying symbol that has a lot of potential to return a lot of value for the lucky winner. Five of a kind gets you 750 coins; four of a kind of the diamond ring symbol is worth 250 coins, and three of a kind gets you a nice 50 coins.

The next series of symbols are gold bars. Five triple gold bullion bar (they come stacked as triples, doubles and singles) icons are worth 450 coins; four triple gold bullion bar symbols are worth 150 coins, and three triple gold bullion gets you 30 coins. Five double gold bullion bar symbols gets you 300 coins; four of a kind of the same symbol is worth 100 coins, and three of a kind of the gold bullion bars gets you 20 coins. Finally we come to the single gold bar; for five of a kind on the reels, you win a payout of 150 coins; for four of a kind, you get 50 coins, and for three single gold bullion bars you win 10 coins.

As you can see, Wheel of Fortune Slots is one of the Biggest Progressive Slots in Las Vegas, and it dominates the offline brick and mortar gambling spaces, as well as the online options - download today and get in the game for a chance to win!

Mobile Progressive Slots

The only thing you have to watch out for when playing a mobile Progressive slots is the whoop of joy that you might elicit when you win - you don't want anyone else knowing of your sudden large change in financial prospects before you get a chance to get your bearings. After all, this is the very reason that progressives are so popular to begin with - they carry a tremendous ability to change your fortunes at the drop of a hat - or more accurately, at the spin of the reels. In case you're unfamiliar with precisely how they work, the progressive is chained to a network of real money players, all of whom contribute to the prize pool (like a self-contained tournament) to enhance the total amount at the end for the lucky winner. The only caveat is that you all must be using the same software provider - the games can be played at different online casino and all funnel into a single pool. There have been numerous reports of people winning $500,000, a million and more dollars by playing these awesome mobile progressive slots for real money.

When seeking to tap into a mobile progressive slot network, just be aware of the ones that are optimized for the android experience, versus the ones that work best for the iphone/ipad. It is usually clearly listed; furthermore, the overwhelming majority of games can operate on both platforms.

Android Progressive Slots

Out of all the available options, we choose to investigate casino games maker, Playtech's Age of the Gods: Medusa and Monsters mobile progressive slots for an idea of what's in store for you. It has 6 reels and 243 different ways to win. The Medusa is the Wild symbol and it has an extra property of being an expanding Wild, so it fills the reels and can replace any other symbols to help complete a winning combination for the payout that corresponds to that line up according to the pay table. The Scatter symbol in this Android Progressive Slots is a magic orb, and it can become stacked for more wins. The highest paying symbol, in contrast to the Medusa wild, is the goddess Venus, and for 6 of her on the reels, the payout is 150 coins - although, as man mortals and immortals can attest, liasing with the goddess of love was a lot more costly than that sum of money. Just ask her husband, the Roman god Vulcan. For five of a kind on the reels, the payout is 60 coins, for four of a kind you win 20 coins, and for three of a kind the reward is 8 coins.

The minotaur symbol, for 6 of a kind, gets you 100 coins. For five of a kind you win 50 coins, and for four of a kind you still get a cool 15 coins. Three minotaur symbols delivers a win amount of 6 coins. The point is, Age of the Gods slot is a worthy Android Progressive slot for real money games, and you should try it on for size.

Progressive Slots iPhone

Don't think that only the android platform is available for gaming with mobile progressive slots; Apple's iDevice series is also quite accepting of the programming necessary to make the games elite. To this end, we now take a look at one of the more popular such slots from games makers Microgaming and Net Entertainment - one of which is Mega Moolah slots from Microgaming. This giant of a progressive has captured the imaginations of online casino gamers for years since its release, given the potential seven-sum totals that the games can reach as more and more players add to the end game jackpot total.

Mega Moolah Slots has 5 reels and 25 paylines, and has been known to deliver world-record breaking sums of jackpot cash. It is one of the Progressive Slots iPhone (as well as Android), and the sum has risen as high as over $11 million at times. The theme is that of African wildlife, and it includes free spins via the scatter symbol - as well as other goodies soon to be discovered. The wild symbol is the King Lion, and he delivers a win of 15,000 coins when five of a kind dominate the reels. Additionally, he doubles the value of the payout that's aligned with the appearance of the other symbols in the game. The Wild Lion icon cannot substitute for the Scattered Purple Face Mask symbol. The latter activates Free spins galore if you get at least three of them on the reels. Some of the other paying symbols include an elephant, a Cape buffalo, a giraffe, a zebra and an elk-like ungulate. Te poker card jackets are also on the reels as low paying symbols. Mega Moolah is one heck of a mobile progressive slot, and is available as a progressive iPhone slot as well as an Android progressive slot. Download today and play with excitement.

Best Progressive Jackpot Slots

If you're a slot player - especially the real money variety - then you can certainly appreciate a Progressive Slot with the attendant progressive jackpot. There's a lot of money at stake, after all, and you have just as good a chance as anyone else who is willing to put up some cash for a shot at the in-game money. Once you've decided to play, the only thing left to do is to find out which ones are the best progressive jackpots and make your choice. In this article, we've done the hard part for you, so that you can get down to the business of playing. Quite possibly the best progressive slot in all of cyberspace was listed above - Mega Moolah slots - so we won't go into it again here. Consider the following handful of awesome progressives that have a lot of money stored in their digital coffers.

  • Snow Business SlotsSnow Business Slots - This relatively newly-minted progressive slot has just recently hit the scene and been taken on b your favorite online casino spot - in fact, Snow Business Slots has won an award in 2018 for being one of the very best slots available in the online gaming space. It has a mega-progressive jackpot waiting in the wings, as well as plenty of opportunities to win bonus games and enjoy it on mobile. The fact that you can possibly become a millionaire just by waiting for certain combinations of the icons to manifest themselves on the reels is simply amazing. This is definitely one of the most downloaded games out there - especially as the winter season gets into full swing. Who doesn't need that extra Christmas money, after all? With 5 reels and 30 paylines, the maximum possible wager of 450 pounds per game leaves you with a lot of ways to win. Expanding wild symbols facilitate this, too, and so you should seriously consider playing this slot if you play any at all for real money. Download Snow Business Slots today.

  • Aztec’s Millions SlotsAztec's Millions Slots - One of the oldest and most accomplished civilizations that ever was were the Aztecs - as well as their predecessors the Incas and the Maya. Real Time Gaming has inscribed a slot as an ode to this long dead society, featuring many elements of their culture as symbols on the reels. With 5 reels and 25 paylines, there are symbol combinations on the board that can lead to a million dollars! This is one of the reasons why Aztec's Millions is one of the most popular slots in the online gaming space. The most valuable icon is the Aztec Queen, and she serves as the wild symbol, who replaces any other symbol to help the player complete a winning payline. There's also a leopard icon, a pearl necklace, an Aztec King, a tropical bird and more. Download today to find out what the fuss is all about and possibly grab some of that lucrative cash hidden in the game.

  • Megasaur SlotsMegasaur Slots - With 5 reels and 25 paylines, this Real Time Gaming offering has all the makings of a success - that's the first thought you might have when you see this one. You would be right, too! Megasaur is one of the top five most popular slots you can play anywhere. The gigantic progressive jackpot of one million dollars doesn't hurt its popularity, either! You have to wager the full $5 per payline, and play all of the active paylines, in order to be in the running for this massive prize, however. There are two wild symbols in the game - the green megasaur and the red megasaur, and they can both replace other symbols to complete a winning payline. The only symbol they cannot replace is the Scattered volcano (or super volcano, more like it) - but this icon has its own talents. Download and play to discover more treats inside.

  • Shopping Spree II SlotsShopping Spree Slots II - The second version of the very successful first incarnation of this theme, Shopping Spree II Slots unlocks the keys to your dreamland if you're a woman. Shopping all the time, and without limit? Sign me up! Real Time Gaming understands psychology, and so this 5 reel, 25 payline slot makes sure to blitz you with opportunities to add to your tally in the real money version of the game. Appropriately, the diamond ring symbol is very valuable, and five of a kind can result in a payout of $5000. It's also possible to get a 20x enhancement if the right symbol shows up with them, and watch your bank account swell by an addition of $100,000. Shopping Spree II slots is here to stay, and is waiting for the risk-taker. Play with confidence and download the casino software to enjoy the bonus from the casino House.

  • Road Hogs Slots - Are you a defensive driver or more of the offensive type? With Road Hog Slots you get to extravert your particular driving style on to the game board in a bid to win something on this 5 reel, 50 payline monster of a pokey. The biggest prize in the game is a 500x win that occurs when you get 5 Road Hog Boss symbols lined up in order. The bicycle symbols are also ones to watch out for, because they pay out several hundreds worth of coins - times the wagering amount on the line. As further enticement, there are five different levels to the available jackpot - the Quick Cash version, the Blitz Cash version, the Super Cash version, the Mega Cash version and the Colossal Cash version. The actual total value is variable in the colossal jackpot, but it has rocketed to heights as high as an incredible six million dollars!

These are some of the best online progressive slots that the virtual world has to offer, and you're invited to compete for them. Post your inherent penchant for luck up against that of players from all over the world, all gunning for that final prize tally that can change lives. Gamble responsibly, and only bet as much as you're willing to lose - but bet the highest coin denomination to make sure that if you win, you can actually collect the progressive jackpot (many of them are reserved only for max players). Enjoy.

Best Progressive Slots Online

Are Progressive Slots Worth It

If you consistently play real money slots, then yes, progressive slots are worth it. The primary difference between regular slots and those of the progressive variety is that the former possess unvarying jackpots - you know the maximum amount you can win every time. With progressives, however, the sum can increase to untold heights - there are some players who have walked away as millionaires after hitting the right symbol combinations to receive a progressive jackpot! Additionally, the monetary award in a progressive is generally far higher than the maximum in a regular slot. It's worth it to note that another name for the progressive jackpot is the jackpot slot.

Best Time to Play Progressive Slots

Because there are so many progressive slots available in the online casino gaming space, it can be argued that the best time to play progressive slots is all the time! Find your favorite online gaming casino, download the software so that you can receive a Welcome Bonus and make a deposit, and navigate to the often clearly-delineated Progressive Slots section. Check the current tally of the jackpot and try to catch it when it's on an upswing before you play. In order to have access to it, you usually have to play the maximum bet amount and the full number of paylines.

Progressive Slots Meaning

By now, you probably have some idea of the meaning of the progressive slot - but let's make it more formal with an actual definition. Also called the jackpot slot, the Progressive Slots meaning entails a slot in which the available jackpot increases in value after every single hand game in which the right symbols don't line up for the maximum payout. Of course, only players who play the max bet are eligible to receive it if they win. The money used to feed the growing jackpot comes from the deposits made by every player who plays - it's a very small amount individually, but adds up to a considerable amount collectively.

Progressive Slots Odds

The thing to realize about a progressive slot is that no matter how large the growing jackpot becomes, your odds of winning don't improve. If there was a one in ten million chance of winning at the start of the game, when the top prize was $10,000, then there's still a one in ten million chance of winning it all later on when the jackpot has risen to $1 million. The progressive slots odds are denoted by the variance and player win percentage of that particular slot.

Progressive Slots Vs Regular

In a matchup of progressive slots vs regular, most casino players would shift a bit towards the progressive. Why? Because of the increased potential for huge amounts of cash - or at least, the perception of an increased potential. The reality is that it isn't easier to win at the latter; it's just that there's a lot more money available. On the other hand, regular slots have so much variation in the themes, you can more easily find one that suits your fancy. We actually predict that most of the slots of the future will be of the progressive variety.

How to Win at Progressive Slots

First of all; there's no special method to win at progressive slots. It's important for the responsible online casino game player understand that there's no way to assure a win here, so that you are not fooled by any claims otherwise. With that said, there are certainly some rules that should be considered standard: you must bet the maximum amount and play all the paylines (the latter is recommended; but not always mandatory) in order to be in the running for the increasing progressive jackpot. It isn't fair to the other players to allow small money players a chance to win it all.

Progressive Slots Strategy

So, is there a specific way that you can play progressive slots in order to increase your chances of winning the often gargantuan jackpots? The short answer to this is no - of course not. Otherwise, the same people would be taking the big ones regularly, especially if they have a lot of seed money. The odds of knocking down one of the major progressives like Divine Fortune slots or Mega Moolah are similar to the odds of winning the top jackpot in a regular slots. The longer answer is that you can maximize your chances at winning any slot - progressives included - by playing all of the paylines. Although this isn't an exclusively progressive slots strategy, it works well because it opens up all the available possibilities and ways to win on that particular slots. It's a long shot, but remember - someone has to win the progressive pot eventually, and that someone is just as likely to be you as it is another online casino gamer across the ocean.

Progressive Slots Tips

Perhaps the most tried and true tip for playing progressive slots is to make sure you have a solid bankroll - you may have to be at it for awhile in order to truly have a shot. Now, with that said, once you have this solid cash roll (via deposit into your casino account), pick a budget for that particular progressive slot - whether it be Thunderstruck II, or Tomb Raider S.O.S - and do not allow yourself to spend beyond that. In fact, it is very much like picking stocks on the rise in this way; always only put in as much money as you can afford to lose. Check the odds for that particular machine, and make sure it is at least average before you play. Some no-deposit progressive slots don't allow wins as often as other deposit-slots, so be on guard. Next, put down the maximum bet on each progressive, because most of them don't allow access to the total tally to players who bet lower than the max. This is pretty much it for progressive slot tips - now go off and win some big bucks!

What Are Progressive Jackpot Slots

Progressive Jackpot Slots are pretty much the same as your regular 5 reel video slot (although there are a few Classic Progressives - these are rare). The sole difference of note is the huge amount of money that's usually available in the progressive variant, as a result of how they are instantiated. Every time a real money player bets on a progressive, for example, a fraction of the money goes towards the prize pool - similar to how it works in a tournament; except the final tally in a progressive slot is far higher than what's available in any online casino tournament. The Progressive Jackpot Slots are sometimes linked across multiple online casinos, too, which enhances the jackpot even further. This means that all players - even those playing at entirely different online casinos - contribute a small percentage of their bet to the game in question. This is how millions of dollars are available for the lucky players who play for real money.

What Does Progressive Slot Machine Mean

Progressive slot machine means that the jackpot waiting for you at the end of the game (usually; but not always at the end, as some of them are random progressives) is not static. As a result, the prize grows in value with every player that commits a wager on that specific video slot. Some progressive slots are linked across different online casinos, as long as the same software provider made that slot; this allows the tally to grow even larger than it can in the average, unlinked progressive. The amounts that have been won in these have been legendary, such as the $6 million that a UK online gambler walked away with in 2009 from Mega Moolah Progressive Slots, or the hundreds of thousands and single digit millions of dollars that different players every week take home.

Beating Progressive Slot Machines

If you're interested in beating progressive slot machines, then you simply have play all the paylines, implement the maximum wager, and leave the rest to chance. There's no secret code or strategy to winning; it's mostly a game of chance. The things you can do, however, to give yourself the most chances possible, is to play all 25 paylines of a 25 payline slot, since this opens up the most ways to win for the player. Also, if the wagering range is from 50 cents to $5 per line (for example), you have to always bet the $5 maximum in order to be eligible for the total amount if you win. If you're at a Real Time Gaming, Microgaming, Betsoft or Net Entertainment Slot, then seek out the progressive slot machine with the highest present total and bet on that one, if you're interested in going for the gold.

Progressive Slots Payouts

Progressive Slots payouts are considerable in general, which is why they are so popular - and only growing increasingly moreso. To give you an idea of the specific kinds of progressive slots payouts that exist in the online arena, consider a Microgaming progressive slot that produced a jaw-dropping win of nearly $19 million on September 28, 2018. Real Time Gaming's Aztec's Millions produces wins in the range of $3 million, and Jackpot Cleopatra's Gold brings up the rear with a respectable $500,000 from time to time. There are, of course, many other progressive slots payouts that can truly brighten your financial future; although it's a game of chance, you cannot win if you do not play.

Free Online Progressive Slots No Download

The only thing better than a progressive slot, is the ability to have an opportunity at the cash without needing to download the casino software. This is the case with the free online progressive slots no download option, and in case you were looking for them, then your search ends here - for we've got the goods.

Much of this has been a response to the explosion of popularity that slot machines have enjoyed in recent years, as they have slowly but surely outstripped even the old stalwarts such as Video Poker and Blackjack in online casinos. Some of the reasons why this ratcheting up of interest has occurred is due to the dazzling, often cinematic displays that so many of them have adopted with the increasing sophistication in themes and templates. You can find literally any theme that is of interest to you, masquerading as a progressive slot with a storyline.

So what's the story with the progressive slot, anyway? How in the heck does the prize pool grow so much? The video slots are actually linked together across multiple casinos, and a small portion of every wager made by real money players is added to the tally, to be delivered to one lucky gambler at the end. With the free online progressive slots no download option, now you can get in the game without a financial commitment, yourself. Now we will introduce to you a handful of the progressive slots that do not require a download, so you can seek them out and start playing to win.

We will now introduce several of the top free progressive slots in the online space. You can find them at your favorite casinos, and they are all made by top slot makers such as Real Time Gaming and Net Entertainment.

  • Pink Panther SlotsPink Panther Progressive Slots - Playtech is video game creator that contrived the Pink Panther Slots, which successfully rides the wave of the eponymous franchise to be a well-constructed and sought-after video slot. It's interactive, in the sense that it truly seeks to engage the player while opening up winning opportunities with the many zany symbols on the reels. With 5 reels and a jaw dropping 50 paylines, it is actually possible to bet as much as $800 on a single spin. However, with that said, remember that Pink Panther is one of the free online progressive slots no download, so you can access what it has to offer without wagering a single coin if you so please. The scatter symbols in the game can lead you to free spins in the amount of 15, 25 and even as high as 1125! You could be playing well into the night on the House dime!

  • Hall of Gods SlotsHall of Gods Progressive Slots - This beauty is from Net Entertainment, and has 5 reels and 20 paylines. The genesis of the storyline comes to use form Norse mythology, as the Asgardian gods are well-placed to render some action on the reels. It is just one of the many brilliant slots that are based on the mythological gods behind the bifrost, and it possesses a free spins feature and Halls of Gods bonus games to extend your run. All you need is for the right symbols to line up, and to do so in the right quantity for you. There are deposit amounts listed, but you can also simply play for free and still have a shot at the progressive jackpot without downloading the casino software. This is an amazing attribute, when you think about it - so don't let it go to waste and play today.

  • Mega Fortune SlotsMega Fortune Progressive Slots - Just reading the name of this one out loud should send you into a frenzy - does it not tell you what it's all about?! And the best thing is, it's a free online progressive slots no download so you needn't put up any coins to capitalize on the pot of gold. Mega Fortune is from Net Entertainment, and is their gauntlet answer to Real Time Gaming's massively successful Megasaur slots. It has a triple jackpot that can make all of your financial dreams come true - unless you've always wanted to be a billionaire. It can make you rich - but it cannot make you THAT rich! The greatest sum that has been won all time has gone down in history as an incredible 17 million euros! People routinely win smaller sums like 4 million, though. Take a chance with Mega fortune Progressive Slots to see if Lady Luck is a member of your team this evening.

  • Super Lucky Frog Progressive Slots - Net Entertainment has something special on its hands with this free online progressive slots no download when it comes to this 5 reel, 25 payline 3D video pokey that offers wild symbols, scatter symbols, free spins and multipliers for the gamer who lands here. The Frog King is here, and the Wild Elf will replace any other symbol to help complete a winning combination - other than scatter icon replacement, which is the Super Lucky Frog. Another feature that causes this slot to stand out heads and shoulders above the rest are the multiple progressives it has on tap. You can download and play to open up more of these options, but the regular progressive is available without any download at all.

Bovada Progressive Slots

Bovada Gaming is well known throughout the slots world for having an excellent selection of games for the online gambler. This includes, but is not limited to, 5 reel video slots. You can also find table games, video poker and specialty games inside their lobby by way of the landing page. Progressives are responsible for the really large payouts because of their always-increasing nature, and, as a result, are a main attraction. They are able to maintain this steady increase because a tiny piece of every player's bet is added to the tally, and it just keeps increasing until someone wins it or it hits a max number that's programmed into the particular slot. Since we know why you're here, let's jump right into the Bovada Progressive slots that are available for play immediately:

  • Money Magic SlotsMoney Magic Progressive Slots - Rival Gaming is never one to be outdone, so with the explosion of progressive slots of late, you just had to know that the old giant would battle back with their very own massive progressive slot for the loyal online casino gamers who frequent Bovada and consistently play all of their games - old and new. Money Magic Progressive is a decisive answer to the spate of new creations, and involves Vegas-style magicians in the way they conduct their shows on the big stage. You will see all of the familiar props that often go with such shows as the symbols on the reels. This includes white rabbits, top hats, a bouquet of flowers, a saw for cutting pretty ladies, a white dove and more. It has 5 reels and 9 paylines, and a prize of $5000 awaits you if you are lucky. In fact, it's possible to win up to 75c your bet with the right icon combinations on the game board. Download the Bovada Casino software in order to experience Money Magic Slots for the chance at some real cash prizes.

  • Food Fight SlotsFood Fight Progressive Slots - Real Time Gaming has managed to squeeze a lot into this 5 reel, 9 payline slot that has bonus games and a spate of other offerings with which to entice the online casino gamer. The jackpot is a solid 4000 credits, with the total dollar amount dependent on how much you wish to spend as a wager per line and per coin size. The subject here is clear - it's all about food and the fights that we get into because of them! The visual style could probably use an update; but that depends on who you ask - many gamers like the retro style quite a lot for the nostalgic effects. The fact that you can wager up to 5 coins per line is huge, and gives a lot of leeway for wagering in line with what you can afford, without compromising your ability to potentially win in any way. Food fight Progressive Slots is in effect, and all that's left to do is download and play for a shot at life-changing amounts of cash.

  • Strike Gold SlotsStrike Gold Progressive Slots - Rival Gaming, if nothing else, sure can pick their names. Of course, there's plenty else when it comes to the great gameplay that you can experience while perusing their expansie library at Bovada Casino. It is with this in mind that this rare Classic Progressive was released, with its 3 reels and single golden payline. Despite its small size, there's still a wild symbol that can substitute in for any other symbol and complete a winning payline in Strike Gold Classic slots. Depending on how the wild appears, it can double your payout. It is also capable of quadrupling your payout, so keep an eye out for the symbols that show up in this small but awesome Classic Slot. The total amount of money you can win depends not just on luck, but also on the number and size of the coins you bet at the start of the game. For example, on a single coin bet, you are capable of winning a cool $2000 for the right line up of icons on the reels. More information is available in the pay table, which is accessible at any point in the game.

  • A Night With Cleo SlotsA Night With Cleo Progressive Slots - Wouldn't you just love a night with Cleopatra? Well, not now - she's just a sack of bones and dust - but in her heyday, she was among the most lovely ladies in all the world, and her sexual appeal won the hearts of emperors. From software maker Proprietary, you have this 5 reel progressive that is ready to be played at Bovada Casino. Some of the more better symbols are the Eye of Horus which, for five of a kind, gets you a win of 500 coins. There's also the Golden Eagle God, who gets you 500 coins as well for five of a kind on the reels. Queen Cleopatra's Crest is worth 400 coins for five of a kind on the reels, and her ring gets you 200 coins for the same. This is a progressive slot with a lot of value; luck and diligence determines whether or not you make it to the Promised Land. Download today and try it out.

Microgaming Progressive Slots

Microgaming is definitely one of the top casino providers in the online space, and you are certain to find a bevy of progressive slots once you make it inside the casino lobby. To do this, download Microgaming's proprietary software and sign up for a casino account - then you play every single one of the real money games that are available. The Microgaming Progressive slots are all listed in the appropriate section, which means you don't have to spend any time perusing all the menus on the landing page. All told, Microgaming currently has over a dozen such games, which are well-known for their lucrative jackpots. If there's one thing that needs to change - and hopefully will soon, when the legislation catches up to the demand - it's that Microgaming does not yet allow players from the USA to enjoy their online casino.

Microgaming's Top Progressive Slots

By way of introduction to the awesome progressive slots that Microgaming has to offer, we'll investigate the very best ones - as judged by their popularity as well as the loftiness of the treasure that they have to offer. To this end, consider the following top slots available to real money players:

  • Mega Moolah SlotsMega Moolah Jackpot Slots: Mega Moolah Slots has five reels and 25 pay lines and qualifies as the best Microgaming Progressive Video Slot of all time. It is set in the motherland of Africa, and let you experience a digital Safari trip through the bush to encounter the mighty lion, and the various ungulates on which they feast. The mighty line is the wild symbol, and it substitutes for any other symbol except the scatter to complete a winning pay line. The scatter symbol is the trophy hunter, and it is his efforts that actually keep the game reserves running; he kills, in order that others might survive poachers. What makes this slot so great is that there are fully for different progressive jackpots - the Major jackpot, the Mini progressive Jackpot, the Minor one and the Mega one. In fact, the top progressive jackpot regularly hits values well into the millions of dollars. Play Mega Moolah Microgaming Progressive Slot tonight for your chance at a dream come true.

  • Major Millions SlotsMajor Millions Jackpot Slots: Major Millions is a Classic Slot with a twist's also a Progressive - which is very rare. With 3 reels and 3 paylines, you've got more ways than usual to win with this particular classic slot, and you must play all the lines for the maximum allowed $3 in order to have a shot at winning it all. The game logo is the Wild symbol, and it can triple whatever the payline produces with the other symbols. If you manage to get a handful of Major Millions logo icons on the reels, then get ready to celebrate - the full prize is yours! It can climb as high as $700,000 and beyond, which is enough for a fully paid-off house in a wealthy suburb of expensive Los Angeles real estate. We don't think you need any more reasons to try your hand at Major Millions Slots.

  • King Cashalot SlotsKing Cashalot Jackpot Slots: King Cashalot is a Microgaming Progressive Slot that has 5 reels and a rare 9 paylines, with a fixed bet size. You do need to play each line and bet the maximum $2.25 in order to be in the running for the Progressive, but this is such a modest sum that any real money gamer can play it as prescribed. A triple Dragon icon will really rev up your engine, so get ready to capitalize on the first instance of good luck to keep on playing. Always gamble responsibly with these progressives and any slots, in fact, as suggested in the Microgaming customer service and FAQs sections. They symbols include a king's feast, which is fitting for the man that rules the realm. As for the sums of money that have been won in the past with King Cashalot Slots? Try over half a million dollars on for size! Download and play today for your chance at a fortune untold - however slim your chances, it's a fact that someone has to win it eventually.

  • Treasure Nile SlotsTreasure Nile Jackpot Slots: Sporting 5 reels and 9 paylines, the maximum bet of $4.50 is modest enough to make sure you use it all - it's also what's required to be in the running for the massive progressive jackpot that the game harbors. Even if you don't win it, there's still the issue of the Scatter symbol paying 5x if it appears three times, or 10x if it shows up 4x, and finally a whopping 50x if the scattered Beetle symbols shows up five times on the reels. The Substitute symbol is the Pyramid picture, and it subs in for all other symbols except for the scattered Beetle. There are some really high paying symbols in the Progressive Treasure Nile Slots, like the King Tut Bust for 6000 coins when five of a kind appear, or the Sphinx symbol for 3000 coins when five of them spread out across the reels.

  • Poker Ride Jackpot Slots: At first glance, this might seem like it should be a Specialty Game, given that it's an amalgamation of slots and the table game poker; but, once you enter the Microgaming Casino lobby and try it out - the progressive jackpot will let you know why it's classified as a conventional slot. Truth be told and in the interest of accuracy, it plays more like Let 'Em ride - but the average win of $170,000 places it well above all the rest. The maximum bet of 100 euros shouldn't throw you off, since there's a lot at stake and this is what's necessary to have a shot at winning the big one. There are no free spins, wild symbols or scatters to concern yourself with so play with confidence and bid to win the progressive jackpot in Microgaming's Poker Ride.

Netent Progressive Slots

As one of the newer online slots and casino games providers, Net Entertainment has practically exploded on the screen with a ready-made suite of excellent gaming options. Their catch-phrase of "Better Gaming" appears to be true to life, with no bluster intended. As entertaining and visually-impressive as they come, they also offer Progressive Games for those who like to risk a bit of cash for the chance to win huge amounts. Many of the world's most successful and frequently-visited online casinos carry their games, and are always open to receiving their newest creations. When you toss in the fact that their mobile platform is quite robust, you're in store for a digital performance that outstrips that of most of the competition.

Netent Slots Variations

Netent has slots from every walk of life; including 3 reel Classics, 5 reel Video slots, a few 7 reel slots and of course the much-anticipated Progressive Slots. Halloween Jack Slots, for example, often sees a lot of play during the month of October - although it can of course be played all year round. Jack and the Beanstalk Slots inspires quite a degree of nostalgia, and the graphics definitely don't disappoint. They've even got a special section for Branded Slots, which introduces you to famous entitled games like Jumanji Slots, Creature from the Black Lagoon Slots, The Invisible Man slots and Jimi Hendrix Slots, for starters.

  • Arabian Nights SlotsArabian Nights Jackpot Slots: 5 reels and 10 paylines can make a pretty good slot, especially if the game makers added plenty of bonus features to make up for the modest number of ways there are to win. And boy, did they ever! In Arabian Nights Slots from Net Entertainment, there's a progressive jackpot of a considerable numerical value that follows the appearance of 5 Arabian Knight symbols. As is usually the case with Jackpot Slots (another name for progressives), you must play all the paylines at the maximum wagering amount of $2 to have a shot at collecting a sum of money as large as $500,000 and counting! Even if that lofty sum isn't quite in the cards for you, there's still a chance to win using the Scattered gold lamp icon as it triggers multiple free spins that lead to extra games during which you can win big amounts. For example, the Arabian sword symbol gets you 2000 coins when five of them appear, the princely shoes gets you 1000 coins for five of a kind, the camel gets you 150 coins for five on the reels, and there are other symbols that pay both more and less. Download this Net Entertainment Progressive Slot and enjoy what it has to offer.

  • Arabian Nights SlotsCosmic Fortune Jackpot Slots: Cosmic Fortune Jackpot Slots from Netent is one of the most wistful games we've ever played - it is highly reminiscent of the space-faring, futuristic Jetsons (trademark) that captured imaginations several decades ago when the uber-popular cartoon debuted. In fact, this 5 reel, 15 payline video slot probably took some inspiration from that old show. It is definitely an arcade-style slot that is best played with the highest coin denomination, so that you can access the probability of winning the progressive jackpot of consistently over $300,000. You can bet up to 10 coins per line, with a max of $75 per spin. All of the futuristic symbols on the reels are inscribed inside a circle, and some of them lead to the multi-jackpot feature that's separate from the direct progressive jackpot; but lucrative in their own right. Download and play Cosmic Fortune Slots from Net Entertainment.

  • Hall of Gods SlotsHall of Gods Jackpot Slots: A very well rendered Nordic mythology theme underscores this 5 reel, 20 payline progressive slot from Net Entertainment. You can wager between 20 cents and $50 per spin, which can really go a long way if you happen to get the Allfather God Odin symbol lined up on all five reels for a payout of 4,000 coins. The Wild symbol is the Midgard Serpent that encircled the earth and quaked until the Twilight of the Gods (Ragnarok), when the Mighty Thor came down from heaven and slew the giant beast. This substitute symbol can replace all other symbols to help complete a winning payline - except for the scatter symbols, which is represented by Odin's Raven and Thor's hammer, Mjolnir. For five of a kind, Odin symbol is worth 4000 coins. For five Thor icons on the reels, the payout is 2000 coins; for five of a kind of the goddess Freya, the payout is 1500 coins, for five of a kind of the underworld goddess Hel, the payout is 1000 coins, and for five of a kind of the goddess of poets, spring and rejuvenation, Idun, is worth 150 coins. The sums of money that have been in this Jackpot slots have been well into the hundreds of thousands of dollars, making it quite worthwhile to play for real money. Download Netent's Hall of Gods Progressive Slots at your earliest convenience.

  • Mega Fortune Dreams Jackpot Slots: This is the definition of a record-breaking pokey, and was conceived by the software gaming specialists at Netent to combat industry giants like Megah Moolah and Megasaur progressives that have been known to yield millions of dollars for the lucky gamer. With 5 reels and 20 paylines, you can use the free spins bestowed upon you by the scatter symbol to extent any winning streaks you chance upon. The symbols on the reels are all of the expensive items you'd be able to afford easily if you won the million dollar progressive jackpot - high quality mens watches, diamond jewelry, topaz trinkets and others. The diamond encrusted poker card jackets are also on the game board, and gilded in gold as well as the precious gem. If you're in it to win it, then Mega Fortune Dreams Progressive Slot from Netent is one of the first ones you should play when you download the casino software and sign up.

RTG Progressive Slots

In all of cyberspace, when it comes to online casino games, software giant slot maker Real Time Gaming has captured the gamblers imagination for the past several decades - during which they been on top of the game the entire time throughout. In fact, RT Progressive Slots are often among the highest paying games in the arena. The gaming library is truly extensive, and is highlighted by crisp gameplay, top-notch graphics and colorful visual displays, as well as a user-friendly interface.

Additionally, RT has developed a reputation as a software developer who champions diversity of the most important kind: diversity of ideas. It is for this reason that you'll find a multitude of themes in different templates that spanned the gamut of environments - from undersea realms to the mountain homes of the gods of mythology. There are table games, as well as progressive ones like Caribbean Stuck Poker, as well as specialty games that you won't find at too many other online gaming casinos. But in this short article, we will specifically talk about the awesome RT Progressive Slots that they've got on tap.

If you're one of the hundreds of thousands of gamers that have played online casino games for any respectable length of time, then you are sure to have come across some of Real Time Gaming software selections. This likelihood is further enhanced by the fact that RT Gaming's titles have been confirmed to attract the greatest number of players. The primary reason for this is almost certainly to be the jaw-dropping amounts of cash that can be one if you're lucky enough to hit one of the often multiple progressive jackpots in the Jackpot Slots.

  • Spirit of the Inca SlotsSpirit of the Inca Progressive Slot: This Real Time Gaming Progressive slot is a bit on the large size, with its 5 reels and 25 paylines. Inside, it's possible to use the scatter symbol to rack up 75 free games, and the wild to enhance your payouts on winning combinations. It's always a nice feeling to know that, in the real money version of the game, you stand a chance at unlocking the random progressive jackpot no matter how the game has been going so far. Spirit of the Inca is classified as a highly volatile slots, which means big wins tend to come with prolonged play. The Wild symbol is the Incan spirit, and he can substitute for any other symbol except for the Scattered Incan Priestess. Some o the very high paying symbols for five of a kind on the reels include the pyramid, the jade leopard, the gold bracelet and the parchment scroll. Download for a chance to win.

  • Megasaur SlotsMegasaur Progressive Slot: If you've been gaming for any length of time, then you've certainly heard about this gargantuan jackpot slots, which often has the very largest sums of money that can be won in one fell swoop in the online casino gaming arena. With 5 reels and 25 paylines, Megasaur Slots has two wild symbols that can unlock its prehistoric treasures - the green Megasaur and the red Megasaur. You can wager between $1.25 and $5.00 for every total spin; you will have to wager the latter in order to be in the running for the progressive jackpot. The scatter symbol, which can unlock a host of special features, is the volcano; three of a kind is what it takes to get to a sort of Precambrian Nirvana - where bonus features and more can be unlocked. Megasaur slots is a modern-day dinosaur adventure story that has made many real money casino gamers millionaires.

  • Aztec’s Millions SlotsAztec's Millions Slot: With 5 reels and 25 paylines, this RTG slot is one of the best ones ever made - by general consensus. Aztec's Millions has a million dollar progressive jackpot waiting in the wings to change your life forever; but you have to play for real money and make sure all the paylines are active. The Aztec Maiden is the highest paying symbol, and five of a kind gets you 5000 coins. The jaguar icon is next, such that five of a kind gets you 2500 coins. The Aztec Warrior headdress symbol is worth 1000 coins for five of a kind, and the bracelet and emblem symbols are both worth 500 coins for five of a kind. The rest of the symbols are from the table game poker and still pay out fairly well. But most importantly, the random progressive jackpot can make you a millionaire, so you want to keep on gaming for as long as feasible. Gamble responsibly, however, after you download Aztec Millions Slot from Real Time Gaming.

  • Cleopatra’s Gold SlotsCleopatra's Gold Progressive Slot: With 5 reels and 25 paylines, this Real Time Gaming Jackpot Slots is a trip to ancient Egypt - without the sand in your eyes. The betting range is generous, and stops at $20; however, it's possible to win a big $30,000 on just a $9 bet! This doesn't even count the progressive jackpot, which can rise as high as the millions of dollars. Download and play this fantastic slot at your favorite online casino today.

New Progressive Slots

Because of their popularity, you can expect to see new progressive slots cropping up all through the coming years; metrics show that online casino gamers seem to like these most of all. There is, after a very good reason for - perhaps the best reason possible: there's a lot of money available for the lucky player. Progressive slots have an ever-increasing jackpot schedule, in which a portion of all gambler's money is sent to prop up the end game prize. All the major casino games makers have progressive slots, and are committed to releasing all new ones in a bid to answer public demand, and to beat out their competitors.

With that said, let us take a look at some of the new progressive slots that are out on the market - in case you haven't perused the preexisting and continually updated libraries of exclusive progressive slots. They come in all shapes and sizes in terms of enumerative paylines, which should suit the preferences of a wide range of online gamers.

  • Good Girl, Bad Girl SlotsGood Girl, Bad Girl Slots - Betsoft Gaming is a casino slot maker that is fully committed to churning out some of the best progressive slots in the world, as evidenced by their electric 3D pokey, Good Girl, Bad Girl Slots. It has 5 reels and 15 paylines, with wins such as $1.2 million worth of credits possible for real money players. Furthermore, for those that care about that sort of thing - the graphics are absolutely top level, with cinematic cutscenes and a delectable presentation of the angelic good girl, and the hellish but well-built bad girl. The primary difference between choosing who you wish to play as (the good girl or the bad girl) is that the bad girl results in fewer wins, but higher payouts when you do. This is all in addition to possibly winning the million dollar progressive jackpot. Choose your own adventure and gamble responsibly.

  • Caesar’s Empire SlotsCaesar's Empire Slots - The great and mighty Caesar has been reduced to an online video slot - but that's a lot better than most of us will ever receive. The unending vistas of Ancient Rome are captured in stark relief on this 5 reel, 20 payline progressive slot from Real Time Gaming, and you are invited to play it for a shot at the prize of one's life. To win some of the games largest prizes, the Coliseum icon needs to appear five times on the reels for an awe-inspiring payout. There are also free spins and games inside, as well as 2x multipliers on your payouts whenever a winning combination is completed by the Wild Caesar symbol. To learn more, all you have to do is refer to the games pay table as well as easily accessible rules upon download. Caesar's Empire Slots from RTG is a much-trafficked progressive, and your wildest dreams just may come true if you play it for real cash.

  • Triple Twister SlotsTriple Twister Slots - One of Nature's most devastating activities is the hurricane/tornado. Triple Twister Slots from RTG seeks to explore this danger without putting you in the middle of it; in fact, with 5 reels and 50 paylines, it offers you huge opportunities to gain access to the well-known progressive jackpot that's waiting in the wings. The 50 paylines represent numerous possibilities that only truly open up to real money players. The scatter symbol is your official transport to the free games feature, and is represented by a weather vane icon. You can always see the precise amount that the progressive jackpot is worth above the reels, so play wisely and with excitement - you just might be a stone's throw from a financial bonanza.

  • Rain Dance SlotsRain Dance Slots - Feel the magic with Rain Dance slots, which is a random progressive with 5 reels and 20 paylines. RTG brings the magic with this ode to the original Americans, the Indians who were here well before Christopher Columbus and his mighty ships sailed across the seas. The symbols on the reels consist of Indian chiefs, coyotes, cowboys, vultures and the elements of the rain dance ritual. There are free spins and wild symbols, as well as paying scatters - and all of these are in addition to the progressive jackpot that has the capacity to change your life. Download and play Rain Dance Slots from Real Time Gaming today for a shot at the Progressive jackpot.

  • Lucky 8 SlotsLucky 8 Slots - Fortune favors the brave is a common saying amongst the lucky; Real Time Gaming has adopted this mantra and more with the 5 reel, 25 payline Lucky 8 Slots that has a progressive jackpot tucked into its many icon combinations.It's an Oriental theme with strong Asian elements, and the Emperor symbol functions as the wild to multiply your payout by a huge factor of the lucky number 8 when it completes a winning payline. The scatter symbol is the Lucky 8 game sign, and it ensures that scatter wins are multiplied by your complete wager. The paying symbols are the Lady, the Great Wall of China, the Chinese Warrior and the set of the Vase and Jade Lion. Hopefully, you can get lucky with Lucky 8 Slots.

Penny Progressive Slot Machines

Out of all the games in the online casino gaming space, the Penny Progressive Slot might be the one that can give you (potentially) the most bang for your buck. All it takes is a very small sum of money to be in the running for the full, continually growing jackpot at the conclusion of the game. In the land-based casino, you can identify the penny slot immediately by the effervescent lighting and the sounds of change running through the machine.

Once you transition to the online space, however, if you're a player from the US, it can be harder to locate one of the Penny Progressive Slots Machines that you can play for real cash. The legal climate is still catching up to the rest of the world, in order to allow American gamblers full access to the ability to play video slots, table games, specialty games and more. The following resource is to help you get off to a good start by finding the best such slots, so that what little money you have to spend to play them goes as far as possible if you win.

How do Penny Progressive Slot Machines work, anyway? Well, by counting a portion of the money that every player puts into it. It's just a small fraction that, on an individual level, you wouldn't even miss - but when taken as a whole, amounts to quite a bit. There are penny progressive slot machines out there that have made millionaires! And since this money is usually paid out in increments by the awarding online casino, winning it is like getting the salary of a professional athlete every two weeks or so (dependent on the specific casinos terms and conditions).

When it comes to slots in general, you are advised to play all the paylines in order to have access to the jackpot, as well as to maximize your probability of winning it. To keep the funds you gamble under the control, you can vary the size of the coin per line; but to win the largest amount of cash available, you must play the top coin. The good thing about penny progressive slots in general is that the cost is tailor-made to allow penny players a chance at the big win. Let us now take the leap into investigating a handful of the better penny jackpot slots that are available for play in the online space right now. Keep in mind that they are also known by another name because of the very low cost of entry: Free Progressive Slots.

  • Divine Fortune Penny Progressive Slots: Net Entertainment has pulled out all the stops with this 5 reel, 20 payline free progressive slot that is very inviting to low money players and high rollers alike. It's an encapsulation of several old Greek myths that involve monsters of legend, such as the Minotaur, the flying horse Pegasus and hs rider, Bellerophon, the medusa and more. Most importantly, it has a Mega Progressive Jackpot that's available to players who spend just a small amount of coinage. There are Wild respins to keep you in the game, as well as 3 other jackpots that are unrelated to the major progressive. Keep playing in hopes of lucking into the Scatter symbol, which can pave the way to the Wild on Wild Feature that is yet another avenue towards more cash and prizes.
  • Mega Joker Penny Progressive Slots: Net Entertainment is back at it again with this ode to the classic slot - but with a progressive jackpot twist tossed in. Although Mega Joker is shiny and substantial, it's not your average feature-laden video slot. The 3 reels and 5 paylines is also unconventional, but we think you'll like what it has to offer. The graphics are inviting without being too involved, so that you can focus on the gameplay and the values of the symbols on the reels. These symbols include fruits of every variety - grapes, oranges, watermelon, cherries and lemons (the latter help you burn fat when you add it to water and other beverages). There's also a treasure chest and gold bells as high value symbols, along with the numeral 7. The maximum wager is just $2; for which you can truly win a life changing amount of cash. Whatever you win in the game, you can either take it, or reinvest it to move up higher on the in-game apparatus named the Supermeter reels. More good stuff awaits you there in Mega Joker Slots.
  • Wizard of Odds Penny Progressive Slots: Magic is in the air, which always spells something positive for a 5 reel, 30 payline slot that spared no expense in bringing you the very best that a casino slot maker has to offer. Wizard of Odds Slots pulled out the stops with this, by providing plenty of ways to win and classifying this as a progressive jackpot slot - which means there's loads of cash at the end of the game for a very lucky winner. With a game board that's awash in the supernatural, it may be hard to focus on the task at hand - but hold fast, for there's a lot to win here. The symbols on the reels include a powerful wizard, a book of magic spells, a witch, a wise old owl, the lair of said witch and more creepy stuff. One of the symbols - we won't tell you which one - is capable of delivering a win of 100,000 times whatever you bet at the start of the game! Download and try your hand at Wizard of Odds Progressive Slots.
  • Hunt for Gold Penny Progressive Slots: For countless millennia, men have sojourned out into the dark, deep and endless seas for the chance to locate undiscovered treasures; the best of these men have become kings and the worst of them, pirates. Hunt for Gold Slots is a 5 reel, 5 payline progressive that really ratchets up the incentive to play for real money. It does this using two mechanisms: it's a penny jackpot slot that requires very little money to get in the game, and the potential resulting jackpot is HUGE! In particular, you play the part of the swashbuckling pirate, dashing in and out of dangerous coral reefs and escaping some powerful country's Navy in a bid to rush headlong into the gold treasure that awaits. This magnificent slot is from playmaker Play'n Go, and it's got 3D symbols dominating every reel on the screen. With a wagering range between 0.01 credits and 2 credits, there's a lot to like about the small barrier to entry and the huge potential award. Download the Hunt for Gold Slots today.
  • Empire Fortune Penny Progressive Slots: Another million dollar slot for an amazingly lucky winner! Empire Fortune Slots is appropriately named, what with the $1.7 million euros recently won at one of the online gaming casinos that host the software. The developer took its name from the mighty Norse tree around which the World Serpent encircled itself until the Day of Ragnarok - Yggdrasil. It's a brilliantly rendered jackpot slot, with symbols that glisten like real life gemstones, and very high value icons that spin on the reels.Among the numerous awesome combinations is the scatter symbol; get three of these on the reels at the same time and see a delivery of up to 1o free games and some multipliers land in your lap. There's much more; put up some pennies on this penny progressive slot to try and make your dreams come true.

Progressive Slots for Real Money

There's a reason why everyone goes crazy when the prospect of Progressive slots comes up - the jackpots that are possible are possible are simply out of this world! People have literally been made millionaires by playing some of the most popular Progressives from the top online gaming casinos - which includes giants such as Betsoft, Rival Gaming, Real Time Gaming, Microgaming and even smaller ones like Novomatic and the up and coming Net Entertainment. Some ask the entirely reasonable question: if you're going to play online slots for money at all, then why not play a progressive?

The other question asked commonly by beginners and newcomers is "how can they afford to pay out so much to a lucky winner?" Well, the Progressive Slots has a continuously updating jackpot that results from all the real money players you wager the minimum allowed amount; a small fraction of this money every round is added to the jackpot. Sometimes, for True Progressives, this tally draws from across different casinos; you don't even have to playing at the same casino as the lucky winner who takes all the cash - as long as the same software developer made that particular slot.

Unless it's a confirmed penny slot or free, Instant Play slot, then money goes from the player to the prize pool - much like a tournament. Sometimes (rarely), you can find penny progressives and free progressives that allow players to play without putting up a wager, and still be eligible for the progressive jackpot. This should be clearly marked, so look for it if you don't want to participate in those. With that behind us, we now check out a handful of some of the most lucrative (potentially) Progressive slots gracing the online space at the present moment:

  • Mega Moolah SlotsMega Moolah Progressive Slots for Real Money: This Microgaming video slot has 5 reels and 25 pay lines and is a progressive - also known as Jackpot Slots - of the highest order. In fact, the jackpot prize begins at an incredible 1 million credits. The African Line serves as the wild symbol in the Safari theme, and it has free spins and scatters to help you along the path. In fact, scatter symbol is represented by a Headhunter icon, and he can give you 15 free spins for three of a kind. Furthermore, just because you don't win the massive progressive jackpot doesn't mean you can come away from this awesome slot with quite a bit of moolah: Mega Moolah Slots is a mini prize that begins at 10 credits and can rise to 100 credits. There's also the minor prize which starts at 100 credits and can get all the way up to 10,000 credits. Lastly, there's the major jackpot which begins at 10,000 credits.

  • It Came From Venus SlotsIt Came From Venus Progressive Slots for Real Money: With 5 reels and 30 paylines, this progressive slot from Betsoft is one of the best-looking video slots we've ever seen. The cinematic appeal of the introduction only gets better as the game progresses, with the well-detailed and active symbols and the ever-changing background. The Venus Flytrap plant is the centerpiece, and it is capable of delivering up to 12 free spins as well as random multipliers on your way to the huge progressive jackpot (hopefully). The maximum amount you can win in the normal games is a solid 15000 coins, with the dollar amount being dependent on your chosen coin denomination, as well as the number of coins you put down at the start. The range is from 2 cents to $1. One thing's for sure in It Came From Venus Slots, and that is you won't be able to get enough of the spectacular graphics. Enjoy!

  • Arabian Nights SlotsArabian Nights Progressive Slots for Real Money: Arabian Nights and Arabian Days is the chorus of a very popular song that gives credence to the wonders and riches of the Middle East - in particular, that favorite children's epic journey taken by Prince Aladdin and his betrothed, Princess Jasmine. This progressive slot is from Net Entertainment, and it seeks to encompass the myth of Aladdin through 5 reels and a modest 10 paylines. Do not scoff at the number of lines, however, because the game still supports free spins, multipliers, wild symbols and scatters. The minimum bet for real money players is 50 cents and the maximum is $5 for a chance to win the big progressive jackpot - only those who play the full amount can be in the running for that one. Bask in the romantic and adventurous feel of Net Ent's Arabian Nights Slot by downloading the casino software and signing up tonight.

  • Dragon's Hoard Progressive Slots for Real Money: From relative newcomer Bwin.Party, Dragon's Hoard Slots has 5 reels and an awe-inspiring 243 different ways to win. Despite the huge number of ways there are, this slot still only pays in the traditional direction of left to right - it's NOT an All Ways Pay pokey. Nonetheless, there are scatters and wilds to help enhance the game further, and Clo the Dragon is the symbol you want to pay attention for the revelation of free spins. The other symbols all consist of the Wild Dragon's Hoard's logo; which gives you the highest payout for five of a kind. The other symbols include various cute-looking dinosaurs and dragons; for the green one, five of a kind delivers 250 coins into your new casino account. The purple dragon sees a bit of a drop-off with five of a kind guaranteeing you 50 coins, and the brown one rounds out the high paying symbols with a 25 coin payout for five on the reels.

  • Space Venture Progressive Slots for Real Money: To infinity and beyond, seems to be the unspoken mantra of Space Venture Slots, which has 5 reels and a shocking 1024 paylines. As a progressive slot, there's a lot to navigate here; but the potential payoff is worth it should the gods of luck smile on you today. Space Venture has free spins available with the help of the scatter symbol, as well as a wild symbol that can replace any other (except the scatter) to help you complete a winning payline. The rest of the symbols on the reels are very reflective of the space exploration theme, and include red planets, yellow fire planets, ringed planets and robotic machines that help space-farers on their journeys through the interstellar medium. There are 5 possible jackpots available to be won, and the scatter feature is capable of activating a multitude of free games or even an outright instant prize. Space Venture progressive slots is worth a spin ro two - download today to get in the game.